Thursday, 31 July 2014

watermelon and pizza


So I went to my friend's house and we cycled to a pizza shop and bought watermelon and went to the lake and discovered that riding a bike whilst carrying a pizza in a bag on your back is not a good idea. Pizza = destroyed. Don't worry, we still ate all of it. 

It was a fun time. I've had so much homework for the past few weeks of my supposed summer holidays (which hasn't been summery or holiday-y really) so it was fab to get out and enjoy the nice weather and have a good ol' belly laugh!

Still scared about this whole blogging thing. Yay spontaniety. Yay goals. Yay it is currently 2.30 am. Yay.

enjoy some more pics 

love anna x

happiness for my ears | playlist

Hi there!

Here is a list of songs that I love and have had I've had on repeat for the past few months. Some old, some new. All absolutely fab. (And in no particular order.) I suggest giving them a listen, forgetting everything and dancing around in your bedroom. Best way to spend the day. 

Disclaimer: my music taste is quite diverse. Embrace the randomness!

love anna x