Friday, 6 March 2015

floral kimono

I'm so ready and excited for warm weather. Hurry up spring! I recently bought this floral kimono (in the sales for eight euros at Bershka, definite bargain) and I'm so in love with it. I thought it was pretty enough to have a whole photo-heavy post dedicated to it, so here you go! 

lots of love, anna x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

current music favourites | a playlist

Source of images - Pinterest
Banks // Hozier // Ed Sheeran // Lana Del Rey // James Bay // Lorde // Arctic Monkeys

I turned eighteen last Thursday. Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased that I'm officially "of age" now, but at the same time, it feels strange. It does not feel like a year since I turned seventeen! Anyhow, my lovely friends bought me an insane Bose speaker as part of my birthday present, which I am chuffed about. I love music, and I've never actually owned a speaker, so over the last few days I've made the most of playing music (and dancing to it) non-stop in my room. 

Another thing I've been making the most of is Spotify. I genuinely don't think I could live without it! It saddens me that Taylor Swift doesn't share the same sentiment, because that means I can't add her music from her latest album 1989 to my playlists.  I'll deal with it though, because she's fab! So, to celebrate the general greatness of music as well as my diverse music taste, I've created a Spotify playlist of some of the jammin' beats I've been listening to and loving lately. I've embedded a link below - I think if you are a user of Spotify too, it will probably play automatically to your Spotify if you have it open (I'm not sure of this, but it did for me ahaha). If not, it should still play!

Anyway, give this playlist a listen. It stars the likes of Milky Chance, James Bay, Lorde, Hozier, Royal Blood, and Arctic Monkeys, to name but a few. I hope that you enjoy listening to what I enjoy listening to! Let me know if you did, as well as if you have any recommendations of music you think I'd like - I love discovering new favourite songs!

lots of love, 
anna x