Tuesday, 4 August 2015

khaki and crochet

Since my last post, I've moved back to England! It feels so strange to be back. Although I am missing things about France, like my friends, my house and my cat (insert crying cat emoji), I did feel like I needed a change. I've only got another few months living with my parents before I'm off to uni as well, which is another, huuuuger change! 

Because I haven't posted anything fashion-related for a while, I thought I'd take a few photos of what I've been loving clothes-wise lately. As British summers are usually give or take when it comes to warm weather, I've been reaching for these baggy trousers a lot. They're from Zara, and I love them so much that I bought a pair in grey too! They were absolute lifesavers whilst I was interrailing. 

I've also been loving this little crochet black top from Primark. It's so easy to wear. I'd like to invest in some more crochet items as they're so lovely! 

In terms of shoes, these black new balance shoes have. not. left. my. feet. Honestly, they're soooo comfortable; I wear nothing but these now! I feel like they can add a cool, sporty vibe to any outfit.