Thursday, 17 September 2015

the art of keeping in touch

15th September - 17th September 2015

What I've learned this week: travelling by train alone is a stressful experience. Especially when you have to changeover. But you know what? It's totally, completely worth it when you spot a familiar face waiting amongst strangers when you arrive at the end of the line.

I recently visited my lovely friend in Brighton. With university looming for us both (aka soon to become poor students unable to afford train fares), and us going to live at opposite ends of the UK, we figured that a catch up session was well needed; and it was so, so lovely.

We've actually known each other for almost eight years, but since I moved to France four years ago, we hadn't had much chance to see each other in person. Despite this, we both made a genuine, albeit sporadic, effort to skype/facetime/facebook video chat one another to have a good ol' chin wag every so often. Thanks to technology (and the odd sending of a letter) we managed to keep our friendship strong. I'm so glad we did. 

A thought to end on (thanks always Pinterest):

Good, genuine friends are hard to find, but once you've found em, they're your friends for life. I'm so lucky to have a handful of friends with whom things can always be picked up where they were left off, no matter how long we are parted. (you guys know who you are and i love you forever)

anna x

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